New to Firebaby, the Firebaby web Blog
26th May 2008 - 0 comments
Thoughts from within Firebaby, this Blog is intended to encourage thoughts and discussions on all things and everything connected photographically with particular emphasis on fashion and portraiture.

Please feel free to join in!
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Firebaby shot receives ePHOTOzine Editors Choice award
11th May 2008 - 0 comments
In: Media
Firebaby received both the ePHOTOzine Editors Choice award, as well as a Readers Choice award.
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Ice Storm Warning
08th May 2008 - 0 comments
The Ice Storm is coming...
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Lozies' portfolio is now showing images
05th May 2008 - 0 comments
we are now pleased to show you some of the images from the Art / Nude shoot with Lozie, in her portfolio.
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4th May.. Art Nude shoot with Lozie.
03rd May 2008 - 0 comments
4th May sees Firebaby shooting Art Nude with Lozie, a beautiful model from the north-west.
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New shoot featuring Aimee!
19th April 2008 - 0 comments
Saturday saw a new face in front of the Firebaby camera, with a new portfolio taking place, see the results here!
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Santago Rare Leopard Project under threat
13th December 2007 - 0 comments
Santago Rare Leopard Project under threat - Photographer's favourite, the Santago project, is under threat of closure unless money can be raised to fund a dramatic increase in the cost of public liability insurance required to keep the project running.
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Current projects
12th November 2007 - 0 comments
This week, I have been mostly working in Mid Glamorgan, Bath and Bolton on a number of location shoots.
Kate K - Studio shoot
04th November 2007 - 0 comments
Now available on Firebaby, new images for viewing from the recent Kate K studio shoot.
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New studio shoot with Katie K
25th October 2007 - 0 comments
On Sunday we will be working with Katie K on an art shoot. Pictures will be posted in due course.
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Katie E update
01st October 2007 - 0 comments
Katie E images updated.
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Katie E is in the house!
29th September 2007 - 0 comments
Initial shots from the Katie E Sunday shoot have been posted posted on Firebaby. There are more to come in the next few days!
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Sunday Shoot
16th September 2007 - 0 comments
Exciting new work will be coming shortly after Sundays new shoot!
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Back in the UK
09th September 2007 - 0 comments
In: News
It's been quite an exciting and interesting couple of months, but at last we're back in the UK.

New UK shoots are being booked and there are new images ready to be posted now!
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Gone South!
06th July 2007 - 0 comments
In: News
I'm currently involved in a number of commercial projects south of the border! New images are coming soon!
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Vicki - New Model Portfolio
05th May 2007 - 0 comments
Vicki and I had a great afternoon in the studio on Saturday. See the results in Vicki's model portfolio.
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New Model Shoot - 16th Feb 2007
01st February 2007 - 0 comments
Rushes from our recent shoot with Becca are now availiable on
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Firebaby's 2007 Web Site Update
01st December 2006 - 0 comments
The new look for 2007!
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